California Government Code

Sec. § 99018

This title shall be deemed to provide a complete, additional, and alternative method for doing the things authorized in its provisions, and shall be regarded as supplemental and additional to the powers conferred by other laws. The sale and issuance of bonds, the application of proceeds to the funding of the accumulated budget deficit, and the refunding of prior bonds and the entering into of any ancillary obligation under this title, are not required to comply with the requirements of any other state or local law applicable to the issuance of bonds or ancillary obligations. The purposes authorized in subdivision (c) of Section 99002 may be effectuated and bonds are authorized to be issued for any of those purposes, notwithstanding that any other state or local law may provide for those purposes or for the issuance of bonds for the same or similar purposes, and without regard to the requirements, restrictions, limitations, or other provisions contained in any other state or local law.

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