California Government Code

Sec. § 99014


At the discretion of the authority, any bonds issued pursuant to this title may be secured by an indenture by and between the authority and a trustee. The indenture may contain any provision to protect and enforce the rights and remedies of the bond owners that is reasonable and proper and not in violation of law. The indenture may set forth the rights and remedies of the bond owners and of the trustee or trustees and may restrict the individual right of action by bond owners.


Any trust funds or accounts created by the indenture may be held outside the State Treasury. Available revenues deposited in a trust fund or account held outside the State Treasury are hereby pledged to secure the bonds and ancillary obligations, subject to application for the purposes and pursuant to the terms set forth in the indenture. The available revenues so pledged shall immediately be subject to the lien of the pledge without filing, physical delivery, or other act, and the lien of the pledge shall be superior to all other claims and liens of any kind whatsoever.


In addition to the requirements of subdivisions (a) and (b), any indenture described in this section may contain any other provisions the authority may deem reasonable and proper for the security of the bond owners.

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