California Government Code

Sec. § 99012


The indenture may provide any or all of the following for the bonds:


The form of the bonds, which may be issued as serial bonds, term bonds, or installment bonds, or any combination thereof.


The date or dates to be borne by the bonds.


The time or times of maturity of the bonds.


The interest, fixed or variable, to be borne by the bonds.


The time or times that the bonds shall be payable.


The denominations, form, and registration privileges of the bonds.


The manner of execution of the bonds.


The place or places the bonds are payable, which may include one or more paying agents within or outside of the state.


The terms of redemption, tender, or purchase of the bonds.


The establishment of funds and accounts to be held by a trustee to provide for payment or security for the bonds or ancillary obligations or related costs.


Any other terms and conditions deemed necessary by the authority.


Pursuant to Section 5702, the Treasurer shall serve as agent for the offer and sale of the bonds. The bonds may be sold at either a competitive or negotiated sale, at the time or times, at a premium or a discount, or with neither, and with all other terms and conditions that the Treasurer, in his or her capacity as agent for sale of state bonds, shall determine.

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