CA Gov't Code Section 99008


The Fiscal Recovery Fund is hereby created as a special fund in the State Treasury.


Moneys in the Fiscal Recovery Fund shall be invested in the Surplus Money Investment Fund, except as otherwise provided in a resolution adopted pursuant to Title 18 (commencing with Section 99050), and any income from that investment shall be credited to the Fiscal Recovery Fund.


(1) Except for funds appropriated pursuant to subdivision (d), amounts in the Fiscal Recovery Fund, together with earnings thereon, shall be available solely for the purposes set forth in subdivision (c) of Section 99002 upon appropriation by the Legislature in each fiscal year. Upon an appropriation, if any, by the Legislature for the purposes specified in subdivision (c) of Section 99002 in a fiscal year, for the balance of that fiscal year all appropriated moneys then held or to be received in the Fiscal Recovery Fund for that purpose shall constitute available revenues and shall be disbursed to the trustee not less frequently than once per month. Available revenues shall belong to the authority, absolutely and unconditionally, and without any right of setoff, recoupment, or counterclaim.


Paragraph (1) and subdivision (d) shall become inoperative on the date on which all bonds and ancillary obligations issued pursuant to this title are not outstanding, as certified by the Director of Finance pursuant to paragraph (1) of subdivision (b) of Section 99006. On and after the date on which paragraph (1) and subdivision (d) become inoperative, the Fiscal Recovery Fund shall be used solely for the purpose set forth in Section 99072 and, as provided in Section 99072, shall be continuously appropriated for that purpose.


Notwithstanding Section 13340, an amount not to exceed one million dollars ($1,000,000) per fiscal year is hereby continuously appropriated from the Fiscal Recovery Fund to the authority, without regard to fiscal years, sufficient to pay administrative costs as approved by the Director of Finance.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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