California Government Code

Sec. § 98002


The Governor is authorized to execute on behalf of this state a Gaming Compact containing the terms set forth in Section 98004, and shall do so as a ministerial act, without preconditions, within 30 days after receiving a request from a tribe, accompanied by or in the form of a duly enacted resolution of the tribe’s governing body, to enter into such a compact.


If any federally recognized tribe having jurisdiction over Indian lands in California requests that the Governor enter into negotiations for a Tribal-State compact under federal law, including but not limited to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (25 U.S.C. Sec. 2701 et seq.) (hereafter “IGRA”), on terms different than those prescribed in the Gaming Compact in Section 98004, the Governor shall enter into those negotiations pursuant to that federal law and without preconditions, and is authorized to reach agreement and execute that compact on behalf of the state, which authority shall not require action by the Legislature so long as the compact does not expand the scope of class III gaming permitted under a Gaming Compact under this chapter, create or confer additional powers on any agency of this state that are inconsistent with the terms of a Gaming Compact, or infringe upon the power of the Legislature to appropriate and authorize the expenditure of funds from the State Treasury. Any action by the Legislature that expands the scope of class III gaming permitted in any Tribal-State compact between the state and a tribe beyond that authorized and permitted in the Gaming Compact set forth in Section 98004 may not be deemed to be in conflict with, or prohibited by, this chapter.


The Governor is authorized and directed to execute, as a ministerial act on behalf of the state, any additional documents that may be necessary to implement this chapter or any Tribal-State compact entered into pursuant to this chapter. In the event that federal law regarding the process for entry into or approval of Tribal-State gaming compacts is changed in any way that would require a change in any procedure under this chapter in order for a Tribal-State gaming compact to become effective, this chapter shall be deemed amended to conform to and incorporate that changed federal law.

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