CA Gov't Code Section 97011


Upon appropriation of funds by the Legislature for deposit in the Recidivism Reduction Fund for the purposes of this title, the board shall award a grant in an amount of not less than five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) and not more than two million dollars ($2,000,000) to each county selected pursuant to Section 97010 for the purposes of entering into a pay for success or social innovation financing contract. The total amount of the grants awarded pursuant to this section shall not exceed five million dollars ($5,000,000). Any unused state moneys shall revert to the General Fund.


Each county contract described in subdivision (a) shall include all of the following:


A requirement that the payment be conditioned on the achievement of specific outcomes based upon defined performance targets.


An objective process by which an independent evaluator, selected by the county, will determine whether the performance targets have been achieved. This process shall include defined performance metrics and a monitoring plan.


A calculation of the amount and timing of payments that would be earned by the service provider during each year of the agreement if performance targets are achieved as determined by the independent evaluator.


A determination by the county that the contract will result in significant performance improvements, such as a reduction in rearrests or an increase in the number of jail days avoided, and budgetary savings if the performance targets are achieved.


A requirement that an amount equal to a minimum of 100 percent of the Social Innovation Financing Program grant awarded to the county be matched by other county, federal, private, or philanthropic, funds. The board may adopt regulations allowing in-kind contributions in lieu of monetary contributions for this purpose.


Up to 10 percent of the grant funds awarded pursuant to this title may be used by the counties for administrative expenses related to the development of the pay for success or social innovation financing contract. The remainder of the grant shall be contributed toward final payments to investors for successful programmatic outcomes achieved, as stipulated in the contract.


If, after receiving a grant pursuant to this title, a county does not enter into a contract for which the grant was awarded, the county shall return all moneys awarded by the board pursuant to this title, to the state.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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