CA Gov't Code Section 96102

In order to develop a statewide strategy to provide academic support and guidance to each child who requires it, there is hereby created the Academic Volunteer and Mentor Service Program, to be administered by the office of the Governor. The Governor shall do all of the following:


Develop a statewide plan with the goal of matching every child who needs one with an academic mentor. For purposes of this chapter, “academic mentor” or “academic volunteer and mentor” means a volunteer who, as a participant in a local project funded under this chapter, supports the needs of the individual child with whom the volunteer is matched, including, but not limited to, strengthening the child’s academic preparation and achievement.


Develop state standards for the operation of local projects for the provision of academic volunteer and mentor services.


Develop a system for funding school districts and county superintendents of schools. These procedures shall be based on local need, including, but not limited to, all of the following indicators:


Size of schoolage population.


School dropout rates.


Pupil achievement.


Develop and implement a statewide public awareness and recruitment campaign for academic mentors.


Develop and implement a strategy to encourage and promote state employees to become academic mentors within their community.


Compile a statewide resource directory of successful academic mentor programs and organizations.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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