California Government Code

Sec. § 95506

Individuals selected to participate in the project shall do all of the following:


Contract with his or her service provider.


Regularly deposit funds into the individual development account. Participants may contribute to the individual development account using resources generated from the following sources:


Earned income.


Federal Earned Income Tax Credit refunds.


Disability benefits.


Child support payments.


AmeriCorps stipends.


Wages earned through self-employment.


Job training program stipends.


Select purchase goals for which the savings will be used. Participants may use savings generated by individual development accounts for any of the following purposes:


Postsecondary and vocational education expenses, including tuition, fees, books, supplies, and equipment.


Home purchase costs with respect to a principal residence.


Major home repair.


Assistive technology equipment or services for disabled participants when used to access employment, education, or training.


Purchase of a vehicle to be used for employment, education, or training purposes.


Qualified business capitalization.


Communicate regularly with the service provider regarding the account.


Participate in a minimum of 12 hours of training and education provided by the service provider.


Maintain savings in the individual development account for a minimum of six months from the time the account was established.

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