CA Gov't Code Section 91555

The commission may do the following:


Assist authorities and state agencies in the planning, preparation, marketing, and sale of bonds, pursuant to this chapter, to reduce cost, protect the issuer’s credit, and determine public benefits and detriments.


Collect, maintain, and provide financial, economic, governmental, and social data on local government units pertinent to their ability to administer industrial development revenue bonds.


Prepare guidelines or assist in preparation of informational documents necessary for such offerings.


Collect, maintain, and provide information on debt authorized, sold and outstanding, and serve as a clearinghouse for local issues of industrial development revenue bonds.


Maintain contact with municipal bond underwriters, credit rating agencies, investors, and others to improve the market for local government debt issues.


Undertake or commission studies on methods to reduce the costs of state and local issues.


Recommend changes in state law and local practices to improve the sale and servicing of such local bonds.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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