CA Gov't Code Section 91530


Applications for projects or companies not in accordance with the reasonable priorities and criteria that an authority may establish need not be accepted and further processed by an authority.


Acceptance of any application in no way obligates an authority to adopt a resolution of intention or undertake the project proposed.


Upon acceptance of any application and request of a company, the board shall determine whether it is likely that the undertaking of the project by the authority will be a substantial factor in the accrual of one or more of the public benefits from the use of the facilities, including equipment, as proposed in the application, whether the activities or uses are in accord with Section 91503, and whether the project is otherwise in accord with the purposes and requirements of this title.


Upon affirmative determinations under subdivision (c), the board may express the present intention of the authority to issue bonds in connection with the project and shall evidence the same by the adoption of a resolution of intention to undertake the project. The resolution of intention shall briefly describe the facilities, state the estimated principal amount of the bond issue (which estimate shall not limit the amount of bonds which may be issued), indicate whether it is expected that the bonds will be tax-exempt or taxable, and identify the company that is the applicant, and may include other provisions as the board shall prescribe.


A notice of the filing of an application, naming the company that is the applicant, briefly describing the facilities, stating the estimated principal amount of the bond issue and referring to the application for further particulars, shall be published by the secretary of the authority pursuant to Section 6061, and in the event the facilities are proposed to be located in a city and the project is proposed to be undertaken by an authority the jurisdiction of which is countywide, a copy of the notice shall be mailed by the secretary of the authority to the governing body of the city. Any amendment, supplement, or clarification of an application that changes the company that is the applicant, the description of the facilities, or the estimated principal amount of the bond issue, as previously noticed, shall be noticed in the same manner.


A copy of the application shall be filed with the public agency. The authority shall not issue bonds with respect to any project unless the public agency shall approve, conditionally or unconditionally, the project, including the issuance of bonds therefor. Action to approve or disapprove a project shall be taken within 45 days of the filing with the public agency. Certification of approval or disapproval shall be made by the clerk of the public agency to the authority. If the governing body has declared itself to be the board pursuant to Section 91523, the approvals and other actions required of the authority or the public agency by this section may be taken and performed on a joint and consolidated basis, as may be deemed practicable in the discretion of the public agency.


A resolution of intention may be revoked, amended, supplemented or clarified by the board, at any time prior to entry into the project agreements. The project agreements, indenture, bonds and other proceedings shall be consistent with the resolution of intention, and shall supersede it except to the extent otherwise expressed.
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