CA Gov't Code Section 8894.2

“Seismic retrofit” means retrofitting or reconstruction of an existing building or structure, to significantly reduce structural collapse and falling hazards from structural or nonstructural components of any building or structure including, but not limited to, parapets, appendages, cornices, hanging objects, and building cladding that poses serious danger to the occupants or adjacent areas. “Seismic retrofit” also means either structural strengthening or providing the means necessary to modify the seismic response that would otherwise be expected by an existing building or structure during an earthquake, so as to significantly reduce hazards to life and safety while also providing for the substantial safe ingress and egress of the building occupants immediately after an earthquake. Alternatively, “seismic retrofit” means to strengthen an existing building or structure, so as to improve or allow the building or structure to remain functional immediately after an earthquake.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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