California Government Code

Sec. § 8880.327

For any assignments, transfers, or security interests provided for in Sections 8880.325 and 8880.326, the following shall apply:


The commission may establish a reasonable fee for all expenses incurred in order to comply with Section 8880.325 or 8880.326 relating to an authorized assignment, transfer, or security interest. The fee may be deducted from the prize moneys paid by the lottery pursuant to Section 8880.325 or 8880.326.


Upon the payment of prize moneys pursuant to Section 8880.325 or 8880.326 or an order of a court, the lottery, the director, the commission, and the employees of the lottery and the state shall be discharged of any and all liability for the prize paid, and they shall have no duty or obligation to any persons asserting another interest in, or right to receive, the prize payment.


The commission shall adopt regulations necessary to implement Section 8880.325 or 8880.326 allowing for a limited right of prizewinners to assign their rights to prize payments and setting the reasonable fee for expenses to be recovered by the lottery. The regulations shall be consistent with and shall further the Legislature’s intent that prizewinners who wish to do so should be afforded the opportunity to currently enjoy more of their winnings as provided by Section 1 of Chapter 890 of the Statutes of 1994. If the commission deems it necessary, the regulations may require, as a condition to any voluntary assignment pursuant to subdivision (d) of Section 8880.325, that the prizewinner be represented by independent legal counsel and receive independent financial and tax advice concerning the effect of the assignment.

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