California Government Code

Sec. § 8880.29


The commission shall promulgate regulations that specify the number and value of prizes for winning tickets or shares in each lottery game including, without limitation, cash prizes, merchandise prizes, prizes consisting of deferred payments or annuities, and prizes of tickets or shares in the same lottery game or other games conducted by the lottery, provided:


In lottery games utilizing tickets, the overall estimated odds of winning some prize or some cash prize as appropriate for the lottery game shall be printed on each ticket or on a play slip.


A detailed tabulation of the estimated number of prizes of each particular prize denomination that are expected to be awarded in each lottery game, or the estimated odds of winning the prizes, shall be available at each location at which tickets or shares in the lottery games are offered for sale to the public.


Annuity contracts that are purchased for prizes shall be exempt from the requirements of Section 8880.57.

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