California Government Code

Sec. § 8879.74


The commission shall adopt a program of projects to receive allocations under this article for each funding cycle, with allocations to projects to be initially made at the commission’s meeting in April 2009, and to be made no later than the commission’s October meeting for subsequent years.


Projects receiving an allocation under the program shall encumber funds no later than two years after the end of the fiscal year in which an allocation is made by the commission. The commission shall rescind an allocation to a project that fails to comply with these requirements. Rescinded allocations of funds shall, in the case of the program established pursuant to Section 8879.72, be made available for another eligible project proposed by the agency that nominated the original project for funding, and, in the case of the program established in Section 8879.73, be reallocated to other projects during the fiscal year following the year in which the applicable timely use of funds requirement was not met.


The commission shall develop and adopt guidelines to implement this article, and to establish the process for allocating funds to eligible projects under the program, consistent with this article. Prior to adopting the guidelines, the commission shall hold one public hearing in northern California and one public hearing in southern California to review and provide an opportunity for public comment on the proposed guidelines. The commission may incorporate the hearings into its regular meeting schedule.

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