CA Gov't Code Section 8870.7

The commission is responsible for all of the following in connection with earthquake hazard mitigation:


Setting goals and priorities in the public and private sectors.


Requesting appropriate state agencies to devise criteria to promote earthquake and disaster safety.


Scheduling a report on disaster mitigation issues from the Office of Emergency Services, on the commission agenda as required. For the purposes of this subdivision, the term disaster refers to all natural hazards which could have an impact on public safety.


Recommending program changes to state agencies, local agencies, and the private sector where such changes would improve earthquake hazards and reduction.


Reviewing the recovery and reconstruction efforts after damaging earthquakes.


Gathering, analyzing, and disseminating information.


Encouraging research.


Sponsoring training to help improve the competence of specialized enforcement and other technical personnel.


Helping to coordinate the earthquake safety activities of government at all levels.


Establishing and maintaining necessary working relationships with any boards, commissions, departments, and agencies, or other public or private organizations.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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