California Government Code

Sec. § 8870.5

The commission, in the discharge of its responsibilities, may do any of the following:


Accept grants, contributions, and appropriations from public agencies, private foundations, or individuals.


Appoint committees from its membership, appoint advisory committees from interested public and private groups, and appoint ex officio members who shall not be entitled to vote, to advise the commission.


Contract for or employ, with the approval of the Director of Finance, any professional services and research required by the commission or required for the performance of necessary work and services which, in the commission’s opinion, cannot satisfactorily be performed by its officers and employees or by other federal, state, or local governmental agencies.


Enter into agreements to act cooperatively with private nonprofit scientific, educational, or professional associations or foundations engaged in promoting seismic safety in California. These associations or foundations may furnish materials for sale, and the commission may provide personnel services and office space therefor. Subject to rules and regulations adopted by the commission, all moneys received from the sale of publications or other materials provided by an association or foundation shall be returned to the association or foundation for use in furthering seismic safety programs.


Do any and all other things necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter.

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