CA Gov't Code Section 8870

The Legislature finds and declares as follows: First, many different agencies at various levels of government have substantial responsibilities in the fields of earthquake preparedness and seismic safety. Second, there is a pressing need to provide a consistent policy framework and a means for coordinating on a continuing basis the earthquake-related programs of agencies at all governmental levels and their relationships with elements of the private sector involved in practices important to seismic safety. This need is not being addressed by any continuing state government organization. Third, through concerted efforts of broad scope, coordinated by a seismic safety commission, long-term progress should be made toward higher levels of seismic safety. Fourth, to provide and maintain effective policy guidance and leadership on seismic safety issues, and to fulfill its duties under this chapter, it is imperative that the State Seismic Safety Commission carry out its mission as an independent state agency, with direct access and accountability to the Governor and the Legislature. Fifth, it is not the purpose of this chapter to transfer to the commission the authorities and responsibilities now vested by law in state and local agencies.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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