California Government Code

Sec. § 8670.53.2

Money borrowed pursuant to this chapter, including draws on the financial security obtained pursuant to subdivision (o) of Section 8670.48, shall be expended and repaid pursuant to Sections 8670.48 and 8670.49. So long as any of those borrowings are outstanding, fees and any other moneys in the fund are pledged to the repayment of the borrowings, to the extent provided in a resolution of the Pooled Money Investment Board in connection with a loan from the Pooled Money Investment Account or a resolution of issuance for any other borrowing arranged by the Treasurer. The pledge shall constitute a first lien and security interest, ratably with all other prior or subsequent borrowings unless the Treasurer provides in a resolution of issuance, that any borrowing shall constitute a junior lien, which shall immediately attach on the fees deposited in the fund, and shall be effective, binding, and enforceable against the state and any other person asserting rights therein without need of any physical delivery, recordation, filing, or other action.

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