California Government Code

Sec. § 8670.31


Each oil spill contingency plan required under this article shall be submitted to the administrator for review and approval.


The administrator shall review each submitted contingency plan to determine whether it complies with the administrator’s rules, policies, and regulations adopted pursuant to Section 8670.28 and 8670.29. The administrator may issue a preliminary approval pending final approval or disapproval.


Each contingency plan submitted shall be approved or disapproved within 30 days after receipt by the administrator. The administrator may approve or disapprove portions of a plan. A plan is not deemed approved until all portions are approved pursuant to this section. The disapproved portion shall be subject to the procedures contained in subdivision (d).


If the administrator finds the submitted contingency plan is inadequate under the rules, policies, and regulations of the administrator, the plan shall be returned to the submitter with written reasons why the plan was found inadequate and, if practicable, suggested modifications or alternatives, if appropriate. The submitter shall submit a new or modified plan within 30 days after the earlier plan was returned, responding to the findings and incorporating any suggested modifications. The resubmittal shall be treated as a new submittal and processed according to the provisions of this section, except that the resubmitted plan shall be deemed approved unless the administrator acts pursuant to subdivision (c).


The administrator may make inspections and require drills of any oil spill contingency plan that is submitted.


After the plan has been approved, it shall be resubmitted every five years thereafter. The administrator may require earlier or more frequent resubmission, if warranted. Circumstances that would require an earlier resubmission include, but are not limited to, changes in regulations, new oil spill response technologies, deficiencies identified in the evaluation conducted pursuant to Section 8670.19, or a need for a different oil spill response because of increased need to protect endangered species habitat. The administrator may deny approval of the resubmitted plan if it is no longer considered adequate according to the adopted rules, regulations, and policies of the administrator at the time of resubmission.


Each owner or operator of a tank vessel, nontank vessel carrying oil as a secondary cargo, or facility who is required to file an oil spill response plan or update pursuant to provisions of federal law regulating oil spill response plans shall submit, for informational purposes only and upon request of the administrator, a copy of that plan or update to the administrator at the time that it is approved by the relevant federal agency.

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