California Government Code

Sec. § 8670.23.1


Each harbor safety committee established pursuant to Section 8670.23 shall be responsible for planning for the safe navigation and operation of tank ships, tank barges, and other vessels within each harbor. Each committee shall prepare a harbor safety plan, encompassing all vessel traffic within the harbor.


The administrator shall adopt regulations for harbor safety committee membership positions required in addition to those specified in Section 8670.23 and for harbor safety plans in consultation with the committees of those harbors listed in Section 8670.23, and other affected parties. The regulations shall require that the plan contain a discussion of the competitive aspects of the recommendations of the harbor safety committee.


The regulations shall ensure that each harbor safety plan includes all of the following elements:


A recommendation determining when tank vessels are required to be accompanied by a tugboat or tugboats, of sufficient size, horsepower, and pull capability while entering, leaving, or navigating in the harbor. The Harbor Safety Committee for San Francisco shall give the highest priority to the continual review and evaluation of tugboat escort regulations. The administrator shall be guided by the recommendations of the harbor safety committee when adopting regulations pursuant to Section 8670.17.2.


A review and evaluation of the adequacy of, and any changes needed in, all of the following:


Anchorage designations and sounding checks.


Communications systems.


Small vessel congestion in shipping channels.


Placement and effectiveness of navigational aids, channel design plans, and the traffic and routings from port construction and dredging projects.


Procedures for routing vessels during emergencies that impact navigation.


Bridge management requirements.


Suggested mechanisms to ensure that the provisions of the plan are fully and regularly enforced.


Each harbor safety plan shall be submitted to the administrator. The administrator shall review and provide comment on the plan for consistency with the regulations.


The administrator shall, in consultation with the harbor safety committees listed in Section 8670.23, implement the plans. The administrator shall adopt regulations necessary to implement the plans. When federal authority or action is required to implement a plan, the administrator shall petition the appropriate federal agency or the United States Congress, as may be necessary.


On or before July 1 of each year, each harbor safety committee shall revise its respective harbor safety plan and report its findings and recommendations to the administrator.


The administrator may direct a harbor safety committee to address any issue affecting maritime safety or security, as appropriate, and to report findings and recommendations on those issues. The administrator shall forward those findings and recommendations to the appropriate authority.

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