California Government Code

Sec. § 8670.16

The administrator shall take any action necessary and appropriate to promote the adoption of statutes or regulations by the federal government that establish all of the following requirements:


Each tank ship using ports in the state shall have alarms on the bridge that give warning any time an attempt is made to control the tank ship manually while the autopilot is engaged, whether the attempt is successful or not, or any time the autopilot fails.


Each tank ship using ports in the state shall have in good working order, all of the following:


Two “VHF” bridge-to-bridge radiotelephones.


One single-side band radiotelephone.


One satellite communication device.


Two collision avoidance radar devices, at least one of which has automatic collision avoidance (ARPA) capability.


Each tank ship and tank barge shall use only shipping lanes designed to significantly reduce the likelihood of oil spills reaching sensitive environmental areas, including, but not limited to, the Channel Islands, Big Sur, the Farallon Islands, and the North Coast.

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