California Government Code

Sec. § 8670.12


The administrator shall conduct studies and evaluations necessary for improving oil spill response, containment, and cleanup and oil spill wildlife rehabilitation in waters of the state and oil transportation systems. The administrator may expend moneys from the Oil Spill Prevention and Administration Fund created pursuant to Section 8670.38, enter into consultation agreements, and acquire necessary equipment and services for the purpose of carrying out these studies and evaluations.


The administrator shall, consulting current peer-reviewed published scientific literature, study the use and effects of dispersants, incineration, bioremediation, and any other methods used to respond to a spill and, by May 1, 2016, request that the federal California Dispersant Plan be updated pursuant to subdivision (d). The study shall periodically be updated by the administrator, consulting current peer-reviewed published scientific literature, to ensure the best achievable protection from the use of those methods. Based upon substantial evidence in the record, the administrator may determine in individual cases that best achievable protection is provided by establishing requirements that provide the greatest degree of protection achievable without imposing costs that significantly outweigh the incremental protection that would otherwise be provided. The studies shall do all of the following:


Evaluate the effectiveness of dispersants and other chemical, bioremediation, and biological agents in oil spill response under varying environmental conditions.


Evaluate potential adverse impacts on the environment and public health including, but not limited to, adverse toxic impacts on water quality, fisheries, and wildlife with consideration to bioaccumulation and synergistic impacts, and the potential for human exposure, including skin contact and consumption of contaminated seafood.


Recommend appropriate uses and limitations on the use of dispersants and other chemical, bioremediation, and biological agents to ensure they are used only in situations where the administrator determines they are effective and safe.


The studies shall be performed with consideration of current peer-reviewed published scientific literature and any studies performed by federal, state, and international entities. The administrator may enter into contracts for the studies.


The administrator shall support the federal Regional Response Team, as described in Section 300.115 of Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations, in the development, and shall request regular updates, of plans and procedures for use of dispersants and other chemical agents in California. The administrator’s assistance may include, but is not limited to, providing the federal Regional Response Team with current peer-reviewed published scientific literature, and risk and consequence analysis.

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