California Government Code

Sec. § 8670.10


(1)Except as provided in subdivision (b), in coordination with all appropriate federal, state, and local government entities, the administrator shall periodically carry out announced and unannounced drills to test response and cleanup operations, equipment, contingency plans, and procedures implemented under this chapter. If practical, the administrator shall coordinate drills with drills carried out by the State Lands Commission and the California Coastal Commission to test prevention operations, equipment, and procedures. In carrying out announced drills, the administrator shall coordinate with the private entities involved in the drill. Each state and local entity, each rated OSRO, and each operator shall cooperate with the administrator in carrying out these drills.


The administrator shall establish performance standards that each operator and rated OSRO shall meet during the drills carried out pursuant to this subdivision. The standards shall include, but are not limited to, a standard for the time allowable for adequate response, and shall also specify conditions for canceling a drill because of hazardous or other operational circumstances that may exist. The standards shall specify the protections that the administrator determines are necessary for any environmentally sensitive area, as defined by the administrator.


The costs incurred by an operator to comply with this section and regulations adopted pursuant to this section are the responsibility of the operator. All costs incurred by a local, state, or federal agency in conjunction with participation in a drill pursuant to this chapter shall be borne by each respective agency.


After every drill attended by the administrator or his or her representative, that person shall issue a report that evaluates the performance of the participants.


(1)If the administrator, the United States Coast Guard, or any other qualified public agency, as determined by the administrator, is unable to attend a drill of an oil spill contingency plan held outside the state, the administrator may require the owner or operator to provide for an independent drill monitor to evaluate the drill consistent with the requirements of this chapter. The administrator shall adopt regulations to implement this section on or before January 1, 2010.


Within 14 days after the date that the drill specified in paragraph (1) is conducted, the independent drill monitor shall submit the evaluation specified in paragraph (1) to the administrator and owner or operator.


Based on the evaluation submitted pursuant to paragraph (2) and any other applicable requirements of this chapter, the administrator shall determine whether the drill conducted pursuant to this subdivision satisfies the requirements of this chapter.

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