CA Gov't Code Section 8589.10

As used in this article:


“Acquire” means acquisition by purchase, grant, gift, or any other lawful means.


“Office” means the Office of Emergency Services.


“Firefighting apparatus and equipment” means any vehicle and its associated equipment that is designed and intended for use primarily for firefighting. “Firefighting apparatus and equipment” does not include vehicles that are designed and intended for use primarily for emergency medical services, rescue services, communications and command operations, or hazardous materials operations.


“Indirect expenses” means those items that are identified as indirect costs in the federal Office of Management and Budget, Circular A-87 on January 1, 1985.


“Local agency” means any city, county, special district, or any joint powers agency composed exclusively of those agencies, that provides fire suppression services. “Local agency” also includes a fire company organized pursuant to Part 4 (commencing with Section 14825) of Division 12 of the Health and Safety Code.


“Rural area” means territory that is outside of any urbanized area designated by the United States Census Bureau from the 1980 federal census.


“Director” means the Director of Emergency Services.
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