CA Gov't Code Section 8588.1


The Legislature finds and declares that this state can only truly be prepared for the next disaster if the public and private sector collaborate.


The office may, as appropriate, include private businesses and nonprofit organizations within its responsibilities to prepare the state for disasters under this chapter. All participation by businesses and nonprofit associations in this program shall be voluntary.


The office may do any of the following:


Provide guidance to business and nonprofit organizations representing business interests on how to integrate private sector emergency preparedness measures into governmental disaster planning programs.


Conduct outreach programs to encourage business to work with governments and community associations to better prepare the community and their employees to survive and recover from disasters.


Develop systems so that government, businesses, and employees can exchange information during disasters to protect themselves and their families.


Develop programs so that businesses and government can work cooperatively to advance technology that will protect the public during disasters.


The office may share facilities and systems for the purposes of subdivision (b) with the private sector to the extent the costs for their use are reimbursed by the private sector.


Proprietary information or information protected by state or federal privacy laws shall not be disclosed under this program.


Notwithstanding Section 11005, donations and private grants may be accepted by the office and shall not be subject to Section 11005.


The Disaster Resistant Communities Fund is hereby created in the State Treasury. Upon appropriation by the Legislature, the office may expend the money in the account for the costs associated within this section.


This section shall be implemented only to the extent that in-kind contributions or donations are received from the private sector, or grant funds are received from the federal government, for these purposes.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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