CA Gov't Code Section 8585.2


All employees serving in state civil service, other than temporary employees, who are engaged in the performance of functions transferred to the office or engaged in the administration of law, the administration of which was vested in the former California Emergency Management Agency, are transferred to the office. The status, positions, and rights of those persons shall not be affected by their transfer and shall continue to be retained by them pursuant to the State Civil Service Act (Part 2 (commencing with Section 18500) of Division 5), except as to positions the duties of which are vested in a position exempt from civil service. The personnel records of all transferred employees shall be transferred to the office.


The property of any agency or department related to functions formerly transferred to, or vested in the California Emergency Management Agency, is transferred to the office. If any doubt arises as to where that property is transferred, the Department of General Services shall determine where the property is transferred.


All unexpended balances of appropriations and other funds available for use in connection with any function or the administration of any law formerly transferred to the California Emergency Management Agency shall be transferred to the office for use for the purpose for which the appropriation was originally made or the funds were originally available. If there is any doubt as to where those balances and funds are transferred, the Department of Finance shall determine where the balances and funds are transferred.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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