CA Gov't Code Section 8574.17


(1)A state toxic disaster contingency plan established pursuant to this article shall provide for an integrated and effective state procedure to respond to the occurrence of toxic disasters within the state. The plan shall provide for the designation of a lead agency to direct strategy to ameliorate the effects of a toxic disaster, for specified state agencies to implement the plan, for interagency coordination of the training conducted by state agencies pursuant to the plan, and for on-scene coordination of response actions.


Notwithstanding any provision of the plan, the authority for the management of the scene of an on-highway toxic spill or disaster shall be vested in the appropriate law enforcement agency having primary traffic investigative authority on the highway where the incident occurs or in a local fire protection agency as provided by Section 2454 of the Vehicle Code. During the preparation of the toxic disaster contingency plan, the Office of Emergency Services shall adopt the recommendations of the Department of the California Highway Patrol in developing response and on-scene procedures for toxic disasters which occur upon the highways, based upon previous studies for such procedures, insofar as the procedures are not inconsistent with the overall plan for initial notification of toxic disasters by public agencies and for after-incident evaluation and reporting.


The Office of Emergency Services shall establish a central notification and reporting system to facilitate operation of the state toxic disaster response procedures designated by the toxic disaster contingency plan.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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