California Government Code

Sec. § 8546.5


The California State Auditor may establish a high-risk government agency audit program for the purpose of identifying, auditing, and issuing reports on any agency of the state, whether created by the California Constitution or otherwise, as well as statewide issues, that the California State Auditor identifies as being at high risk for the potential of waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement or that has major challenges associated with its economy, efficiency, or effectiveness.


In addition to identifying an agency as high risk on the basis of weaknesses identified in audit and investigative reports produced by the office, the California State Auditor may consult with the Legislative Analyst, the Milton Marks “Little Hoover” Commission on California State Government Organization and Economy, the Office of Inspector General within the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, the Department of Finance, and other state agencies that have oversight responsibilities over any other agency of the state, in identifying state agencies that are at high risk.


The California State Auditor shall notify the Joint Legislative Audit Committee whenever it identifies a state agency as at high risk.


The California State Auditor may issue audit reports with recommendations for improvement in state agencies, and for statewide issues, identified as at high risk not less than once every two years.


The California State Auditor may require state agencies identified as high risk, or as responsible for all or a portion of a statewide issue identified as high risk, to periodically report to the auditor regarding the status of recommendations for improvement made by the California State Auditor or other state oversight agencies.

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