CA Gov't Code Section 8544


Consistent with subdivision (i) of Section 8546, the California State Auditor may employ and fix the compensation, in accordance with Article VII of the California Constitution, of those professional assistants and technical, clerical, deputy state auditors, and other officers and employees as he or she deems necessary for the effective conduct of the work under his or her charge.


In establishing and adjusting classes of positions, and establishing and adjusting salary ranges for each class of position, to provide for the continued ability to attract and maintain qualified individuals within the California State Auditor’s Office, consideration shall be given to the fact that the level of education, experience, knowledge, and ability required of the employees in the office is generally higher than that of state service generally, due to the unique duties and responsibilities imposed on the office and the relatively small number of employees.


When fixing compensation for employees, the California State Auditor shall consider prevailing rates for comparable service in other public employment and private business.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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