CA Gov't Code Section 8356


Each contract or grant awarded by a state agency may be subject to suspension of payments under the contract or grant or termination of the contract or grant, or both, and the contractor or grantee thereunder may be subject to debarment, in accordance with the requirements of this article, if the contracting or granting agency determines that any of the following has occurred:


The contractor or grantee has made a false certification under Section 8355.


The contractor or grantee violates the certification by failing to carry out the requirements of subdivisions (a) to (c), inclusive, of Section 8355.


The Department of General Services shall establish and maintain a list of individuals and organizations whose contracts or grants have been canceled due to failure to comply with this chapter. This list shall be updated monthly and published each month. No state agency shall award a contract or grant to a person or organization on the published list until that person or organization has complied with this chapter.


Every state agency that directly awards grants without review by the Department of General Services shall immediately notify the department of any individual or organization that has an award canceled on the basis of violation of this chapter.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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