CA Gov't Code Section 83113

The commission shall, in addition to its other duties, do all of the following:


Prescribe forms for reports, statements, notices and other documents required by this title.


Prepare and publish manuals and instructions setting forth methods of bookkeeping and preservation of records to facilitate compliance with and enforcement of this title, and explaining the duties of persons and committees under this title.


Provide assistance to agencies and public officials in administering the provisions of this title.


Maintain a central file of local campaign contribution and expenditure ordinances forwarded to it by local government agencies.


Annually publish a booklet not later than March 1 that sets forth the provisions of this title and includes other information the commission deems pertinent to the interpretation and enforcement of this title. The commission shall provide a reasonable number of copies of the booklet at no charge for the use of governmental agencies and subdivisions thereof that request copies of the booklet. The commission may charge a fee, not to exceed the prorated cost of producing the booklet, for providing copies of the booklet to other persons and organizations.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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