CA Gov't Code Section 8257

The commission shall do all of the following:


Advise the Governor, the Legislature, and state agencies, departments, and commissions on issues relating to the social and economic development, and the rights and interests of APIA communities and on how to respond most effectively to the views, needs, and concerns of the state’s APIA communities.


Assist the state in maintaining effective liaison and outreach with APIA communities in California by, among other means, disseminating information about Asian American resources to the public and engaging in effective outreach with APIA communities in the state by communicating information to them concerning public and private programs that are beneficial to their interest.


Examine issues of access and cultural and language sensitivity by state agencies, departments, and commissions and compile research about APIA communities relative to the use of state services, including the development and maintenance of data relative to this use.


Provide assistance to policymakers and state agencies on identifying the needs or problems affecting APIA communities and in developing appropriate responses and programs.


Educate the public about hate crimes against APIA communities and other key issue areas identified by the commission.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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