CA Gov't Code Section 8248

The commission shall do all of the following:


Evaluate the compensation and classification plans for state civil service and related employees and the employees of the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, and the California State University conferred under the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act on the basis of objective, job-related criteria in order to advise the Legislature of the explicit worth or value of those services and positions.


Determine where compensation and classification inequities exist based on comparability of the value of work, giving primary consideration to identifying and correcting inequities between female dominated and male dominated classes of employees in state service.


Report, by January 1, 2003, to the Legislature and to the parties meeting and conferring pursuant to Sections 3517 and 3570 all findings as may be required in order to implement the principles of equitable compensation and classification based on comparability of value of work as part of the state compensation and classification plans and negotiated agreements, including, but not limited to, factor values, comparative job ratings, gender makeup of all job classifications, present salary structures, policy recommendations, and annual cost estimates for the implementation of an equitable compensation program.


This section shall not be implemented unless and until funds are appropriated by the Legislature in the annual Budget Act or another statute.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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