California Government Code

Sec. § 8245


The commission shall study the following policy areas, including, but not limited to, for the purpose of examining any laws, practices, or conditions concerning or affecting women and girls which impose special limitations or burdens upon them or upon society, or which limit or tend to limit opportunities available to women and girls:


Gender equity in the media.


Educational needs of women and girls.


Gender in the workplace and employment.


Health and safety of women and girls.


Women in the military, women veterans, and military families.


State laws in regard to the civil and political rights of women, including pensions, tax requirements, property rights, marriage and dissolution of marriage provisions, and similar matters.


The effect of social attitudes and pressures and economic considerations in shaping the roles to be assumed by women in the society.


The commission shall act as an information center on issues that affect the lives of women and girls.


The commission shall recommend, develop, prepare, or coordinate materials, projects, or other activities, and shall give technical and consultative advice to public or private groups or persons concerned with any of the following:


Preventing or minimizing problems brought about by the changing roles and responsibilities of women.


Developing programs to encourage and enable women to be fully contributing members of society.


The commission shall develop a strategy to attract financial support from private donors in order to reduce the commission’s dependence on state funding.


A prime function of the commission shall be to encourage women’s and girls’ organizations and other groups to institute local self-help activities designed to meet women’s educational, employment, and related needs. The commission shall make reports on its activities, findings, and recommendations to the Legislature from time to time, but not less often than every odd-numbered year.

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