CA Gov't Code Section 8219.5


Every notary public who is not an attorney who advertises the services of a notary public in a language other than English by signs or other means of written communication, with the exception of a single desk plaque, shall post with that advertisement a notice in English and in the other language which sets forth the following:


This statement: I am not an attorney and, therefore, cannot give legal advice about immigration or any other legal matters.


The fees set by statute which a notary public may charge.


The notice required by subdivision (a) shall be printed and posted as prescribed by the Secretary of State.


Literal translation of the phrase “notary public” into Spanish, hereby defined as “notario publico” or “notario,” is prohibited. For purposes of this subdivision, “literal translation” of a word or phrase from one language to another means the translation of a word or phrase without regard to the true meaning of the word or phrase in the language which is being translated.


The Secretary of State shall suspend for a period of not less than one year or revoke the commission of any notary public who fails to comply with subdivision (a) or (c). However, on the second offense the commission of such notary public shall be revoked permanently.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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