CA Gov't Code Section 8174


Notwithstanding any other provision of law, all of that real property designated as the site of the Governor’s Mansion, and particularly described in Section 8170, shall be sold by the Department of General Services, which shall conduct a bid process on or before December 31, 1982, with the right to reject all bids. In the event all bids are rejected, the Department of General Services shall institute new bidding procedures within 30 days.


The premises of the Governor’s Mansion shall remain uninhabited, except for maintenance personnel, until the property is transferred. Proceeds of the sale, minus administrative expenses, shall be deposited in a special account and held for the purpose of providing a suitable residence for the Governor.


For the purposes of subdivision (b), “suitable residence” means any building or facility designated by the Governor, the purposes of which (1) may include the conduct of any official business, receptions and ceremonial activities, and any personal business of the Governor and the Governor’s family, in which a measure of personal privacy is afforded, and (2) shall include living accommodations to be used at the Governor’s discretion. The residence may include the existing structure and former Governor’s residence known as the Stanford Mansion located at 8th and N Streets in the City of Sacramento.
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