CA Gov't Code Section 8163

The Capitol Area Plan was established for the orderly development of the state’s facilities in the metropolitan area and the department shall be continuously responsible for necessary revisions and for formulating and carrying out long-range development plans.


When considering recommendations for changes in the Capitol Area Plan and in formulating the long-range plans, the department shall take into consideration the following factors:


The needs of the state, the City of Sacramento, and the County of Sacramento and eastern Yolo County, relative to the location and design of residential, commercial, and office buildings to be constructed, rehabilitated and restored, parking and transit facilities, traffic or fountains as may be deemed desirable for the beautification and livability of the area; and


The ordinances, plans, requirements, and proposed improvements of the City of Sacramento and the County of Sacramento and eastern Yolo County, including but not limited to, zoning regulations, population trends, plans for regional transit development, and the general plan of the City of Sacramento; and


Any other factors which bear upon the orderly, integrated, and cooperative development by the state, the City of Sacramento, and the County of Sacramento and eastern Yolo County, of property in the metropolitan area.


Specific building plans for the location of state buildings, residential housing, parking structures, and other improvements on state-owned land in the core area shall be responsive to the following program goals:


To supply an additional two million gross square feet of office space which will be available for state occupancy by the year 2000. This office space shall be within or contiguous to the core area; and


To develop parking and transportation facilities in the metropolitan area to support the state’s needs in the core area as projected in the Capitol Area Plan; and


To expand the supply of private and publicly owned housing in the Capitol area to accommodate approximately 3,500 people by the year 2000.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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