CA Gov't Code Section 8001


Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the following advisory bodies are hereby abolished:


Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Radio System.


Law Enforcement Regional Coordinator Advisory Committee.


California Criminalistic Institute User.


Crack Down Task Force Advisory Committee.


Tear Gas Advisory Committee.


Wanted Persons System Advisory Group.


Contract Time Overrun and Claims Review Panel.


Advanced Lighting Professional Advisory Committee.


California Building Officials Advisory Group in the State Energy Resources, Conservation and Development Commission.


Geothermal Development Grant Program Advisory Group.


Professional Advisory Group in the State Energy Conservation and Development Commission.


Technical Review Committee in the State Energy Conservation and Development Commission.


Local Jurisdiction Advisory Committee.


Residential Implementation Advisory Group.


Forest (Coast) District, Technical Advisory Committee.


Forest (Northern) District, Technical Advisory Committee.


Forest (Southern) District, Technical Advisory Committee.


Forestry Research Advisory Committee.


Reforestation Advisory Committee.


Council for Women in Parks.


Disabled Advisory Committee.


Underwater Parks and Reserves, Advisory Board.


Women’s Advisory Committee in the Department of Personnel Administration.


State Advisory Board on Alcohol Related Problems.


State Advisory Board on Drug Program.


AIDS Vaccine Research and Development, Advisory Committee.


California Children Services Advisory Committee.


Chronic Disease Prevention and Control.


California Family Planning Advisory Board.


State Social Services Advisory Board.


American Indian Educational Council.


Equal Educational Opportunities Commission.


Legal Compliance Committee.


Microcomputer Advisory Committee.


Common Form Committee.


Graduate Fellowship Advisory Committee.


Career Criminal Apprehension Program Steering Committee.


Crime Prevention & Suppression Technical Advisory Committee.


Crime Resistance Task Force.


Suppression of Drugs in Schools State Advisory Committee.


Auctioneer Disciplinary Review Committee.


Acarine Mite Science Advisory Panel.


Boll Weevil Science Advisory Panel.


Brucellosis Review Committee.


Carob Moth Science Advisory Panel.


Department of Food and Agriculture EEO/Disabled Advisory Committee.


Department of Food and Agriculture Women’s Advisory Committee.


Direct Marketing Advisory Committee.


Foreign Market Development Export Incentive Program Advisory Committee.


Gypsy Moth Science Advisory Panel.


Hydrilla Science Advisory Panel.


Japanese Beetle Science Advisory Panel.


Melon Fruit Fly Science Advisory Panel.


Oriental Fruit Fly Science Advisory Panel.


Pest Detection Advisory Committee.


Red Imported Fire Ant Science Advisory Panel.


White Garden Snail Science Advisory Panel.


Whitefringed Beetle Science Advisory Panel.


Displaced Homemakers Emergency Loan Program, Advisory Committee.


California Forum on Information Technology.


Farm Products Trust Fund Review Board.


Economic Opportunity Advisory Commission in the Department of Economic Opportunity.


As used in this section “advisory body” means any committee, council, task force, board, panel, or other governmental entity.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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