CA Gov't Code Section 7911

For the purposes of Section 2 of Article XIIIB, a local jurisdiction may return excess revenues by granting a tax credit or refund, by providing a temporary suspension of tax rates or fee schedules, or by any other means consistent with the intent of that section. The determination by the governing body of such entity of the means by which such excess revenues are to be returned is a legislative act.
Judicial review of such determination may be obtained only by a proceeding for a writ of mandate which shall be brought within 30 days after the governing body’s determination.
All courts wherein such actions are or may be hereafter pending, including any court reviewing such action on appeal from the decision of a lower court, shall give such actions preference over all other civil actions therein, in the manner of setting the same for hearing or trial and in hearing the same, to the end that all such actions shall be quickly heard and determined.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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