CA Gov't Code Section 7910


Each year the governing body of each local jurisdiction shall, by resolution, establish its appropriations limit and make other necessary determinations for the following fiscal year pursuant to Article XIIIB of the California Constitution at a regularly scheduled meeting or noticed special meeting. Fifteen days prior to the meeting documentation used in the determination of the appropriations limit and other necessary determinations shall be available to the public. The determinations made pursuant to this section are legislative acts.


A judicial action or proceeding to attack, review, set aside, void, or annul the action of the governing body taken pursuant to this section shall be commenced within 45 days of the effective date of the resolution.
(c)A court in which an action described in subdivision (b) is pending, including any court reviewing the action on appeal from the decision of a lower court, shall give the action preference over all other civil actions, in the manner of setting the action for hearing or trial and in hearing the action, to the end that the action shall be quickly heard and determined.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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