CA Gov't Code Section 7908

For community college districts:


As used in this section, “ADA” means the annual average daily attendance reported for students attending the community college district during the fiscal year.


“Proceeds of taxes” shall be deemed to include subventions from the state, including special purpose apportionments, but excluding subventions received from the state for reimbursement of state mandates in accordance with the provisions of Section 6 of Article XIIIB of the California Constitution or of Section 17561 or for reimbursement of court or federal mandates imposed on or after November 6, 1979, only if those subventions, when added to the district’s local resources, as defined in items (2) and (3) of subdivision (a) of Section 84904 of the Education Code, do not exceed:


For the 1978–79 fiscal year, the lesser of the statewide average revenues or the actual revenues received per ADA, as defined in paragraph (1) of subdivision (c) of Section 84700 of the Education Code, multiplied by the ADA in the district for the 1978–79 fiscal year.


For the 1979–80 through the 1987–88 fiscal years, the amount specified in paragraph (1) adjusted by the lesser of the change in cost of living or California per capita personal income for the preceding calendar year and the percentage change in the district’s ADA for that fiscal year.


For the 1988–89 fiscal year and each fiscal year thereafter, the appropriations limit of that district, plus amounts paid for any nonreimbursed court or federal mandates imposed on or after November 6, 1979, less the sum of the following:


Interest earned on the proceeds of taxes during the current fiscal year.


The 50 percent of miscellaneous funds received during the current fiscal year which are from the proceeds of taxes.


Locally voted taxes received during the current fiscal year, such as parcel taxes or square foot taxes, unless for voter-approved bonded debt.


Any other local proceeds of taxes received during the current fiscal year, other than local taxes which count towards the revenue limit, such as excess bond revenues transferred to a district’s general fund pursuant to Section 15234.


Each community college district shall report to the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges and to the Director of Finance at least annually its appropriations limit, its appropriations subject to limitation, the amount of its state aid apportionments and subventions included within the proceeds of taxes of the district, and amounts excluded from the appropriations limit, at a time and in a manner prescribed by the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges and approved by the Director of Finance.
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