CA Gov't Code Section 77653

The duties of the task force shall include all of the following:


Document the state of existing court facilities.


Document the need for new or modified court facilities and the extent to which current court facilities are fully utilized.


Document the funding mechanisms currently available for maintenance, operation, construction, and renovation of court facilities.


Examine existing standards for court facility construction.


Document the impacts of state actions on court facilities and other state and local justice system facilities.


Review and recommend operational changes which may mitigate the need for additional court facilities, including the implementation of methods to more fully utilize existing facilities.


Review and provide recommendations on concepts regarding security; operational flexibility; alternative dispute resolution; meeting space; special needs of children, families, victims, and disabled persons; technology; the dignity of the participants; and any other special needs of court facilities.


Recommend specific funding responsibilities among the various entities of government for support of trial court facilities and facility maintenance including, but not limited to, full state responsibility or continued county responsibility.


Recommend funding sources and financing mechanisms for support of court facilities and facility maintenance.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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