CA Gov't Code Section 77603

The duties of the task force shall include, but not be limited to, the following:


Complete a survey of all trial courts regarding court employee status, classification, and salary.


Document the local retirement systems in which trial court employees are members and the terms of the systems, and identify future retirement options.


Determine the costs associated with a change in retirement benefits for court employees, including the cost to counties resulting from such change, including, but not limited to, the impact of such a change on pension obligation bonds, unfunded liabilities, and changes in actuarial assumptions.


Document existing contractual agreements and the terms and conditions of employment, and document exclusive bargaining agents representing court employees by court, county, and unit.


Document existing constitutional, statutory, and other provisions relating to classification, compensation, and benefits of court employees.


Identify functions relating to trial courts that are provided by county employees.


Examine and outline issues relating to the establishment of a local personnel structure for trial court employees under (1) court employment, (2) county employment, with the concurrence of the county and the courts in the county (3) state employment with the concurrence of the state and the courts in the county, or (4) other options identified by the task force. The task force, in recommending options for employee status, shall consider the complexity of the interests of employees and various governmental entities. Their recommendations shall, to the greatest extent possible, recognize the need for achieving the concurrence of the affected parties. In outlining these issues, consideration shall be given to contractual obligations, minimizing disruption of the trial court work force, and protecting the rights accrued by employees under their current systems.


Prepare a method for submitting the issue of employment status to an advisory vote of trial court employees in each county.


Recommend a personnel structure for trial court employees.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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