California Government Code

Sec. § 75600.5


The Controller shall at the end of each month ascertain the aggregate amount of the annual salaries, not including the additional compensation pursuant to Section 68203.1, of all judges covered by the Judges’ Retirement System II, and out of the General Fund he or she shall transfer monthly into the Judges’ Retirement System II Fund a sum equal to 18.8 percent of one-twelfth of the aggregate amount of those salaries.


As of June 30 of the first year this chapter is in effect, and annually thereafter, the board shall make an actuarial investigation into the fund’s experience, the ages of member judges, and other facts necessary to determine the actuarial soundness of the fund. Based on its investigation, the board shall determine the state contribution necessary to maintain or restore the actuarial soundness of the fund, stated as a percentage of judges’ salaries.


The state’s contribution as fixed under this chapter shall be adjusted thereafter from time to time in the annual Budget Act according to the following method. As part of the proposed budget submitted pursuant to Section 12 of Article IV of the California Constitution, the Governor shall include the contribution rate submitted by the board pursuant to subdivision (b). The Legislature shall adopt the contribution rate and authorize the appropriation in the Budget Act.

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