California Government Code

Sec. § 75560.6

The Commission on Judicial Performance, in its discretion, but not more often than once every two years, may require any judge who is receiving an allowance under this article and who is under the age of 65 years to undergo medical examination. The examination shall be made by one or more physicians and surgeons, appointed by the Commission on Judicial Performance, at the place of residence of the judge or other place mutually agreed upon. Upon the basis of the examination the commission shall determine whether he or she is still incapacitated, physically or mentally, for service as a judge. If the commission determines, on the basis of the results of the medical examination, that he or she is not so incapacitated, he or she shall be a judicial officer of the state, but shall not exercise any of the powers of the justice or judge except while under assignment to a court by the Chairperson of the Judicial Council. The allowance of the judge shall cease if he or she refuses an assignment while he or she is not so incapacitated. Section 68543.5 is applicable to the judge.

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