California Government Code

Sec. § 75523


The retirement allowance of retired judges who have elected to receive a monthly allowance under subdivision (d) of Section 75522 or who have retired for disability and are receiving an allowance under Section 75560.4 shall be adjusted effective in January of each year after a judge has been retired under this chapter for more than six months, to reflect any increase in the cost of living occurring after January 1 of the immediately preceding fiscal year. The United States city average of the “Consumer Price Index for all Urban Consumers,” as published by the United States Bureau of Statistics, shall be used as the basis for determining changes in the cost of living.


No adjustment shall be made unless the cost-of-living increase equals or exceeds 1 percent. The allowance shall not be increased more than 3 percent in a single year. Increases shall be compounded.


The allowance shall not be decreased as a result of the cost-of-living adjustment.


The board shall provide, by rule, any details needed for the implementation of this section.

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