California Government Code

Sec. § 75521


A judge who leaves judicial office before accruing at least five years of service shall be paid the amount of his or her contributions to the system, and no other amount.


A judge who leaves judicial office after accruing five or more years of service and who is not eligible to elect to retire under Section 75522 shall be paid the amount of his or her monetary credits determined pursuant to Section 75520, including the credits added under subdivision (b) of that section computed to the last day of the month preceding the date of distribution, and no other amount.


Judges who leave office as described in subdivision (b) are “retired judges” for purposes of a concurrent retirement with respect to the benefits provided under Section 20639 and assignment pursuant to Article 2 (commencing with Section 68540.7) of Chapter 2 and are eligible for benefits provided under Section 22814.


After a judge has withdrawn his or her accumulated contributions or the amount of his or her monetary credits upon leaving judicial office, the service shall not count in the event he or she later becomes a judge again, until he or she pays into the Judges’ Retirement System II Fund the amount withdrawn, plus interest thereon at the rate of interest then being required to be paid by members of the Public Employees’ Retirement System under Section 20750 from the date of withdrawal to the date of payment.

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