CA Gov't Code Section 7552

Each medallion shall bear:


On one side, the Great Seal of the State of California.


On the reverse side; (1) across the top, the term “California Gold;” (2) in the center, any emblem of the State of California; (3) on the lower middle right side, the date; (4) on the lower middle left side, the mint mark of the certified registered mint with which the Department of General Services has contracted; (5) on the bottom left side, the size of the medallion; (6) along the bottom right side, the term “.999 fine;” and (7) along the entire outer edge, thirty-one (31) small stars.
The medallion shall have reeded or serrated edges with not less than 10 per quarter inch.
The medallions shall not be in similitude in design or size, to include diameter and thickness, to any United States or foreign coin.
The mint with which the Department of General Services has contracted shall not begin production of a new design without the approval of the Department of General Services. Any request for approval of a new design which has not been approved or rejected by the department within 14 calendar days after its receipt of the request shall be deemed approved.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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