CA Gov't Code Section 7513.87


A person acting as a placement agent in connection with any potential system investment made by a local public retirement system shall file any applicable reports with a local government agency that requires lobbyists to register and file reports and shall comply with any applicable requirements imposed by a local government agency pursuant to Section 81013.


This section does not apply to either of the following:


An individual who is an employee, officer, director, equityholder, partner, member, or trustee of an external manager who spends one-third or more of his or her time, during a calendar year, managing the securities or assets owned, controlled, invested, or held by the external manager.


An employee, officer, or director of an external manager, or of an affiliate of an external manager, if all of the following apply:


The external manager is registered as an investment adviser or a broker-dealer with the Securities and Exchange Commission or, if exempt from or not subject to registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission, any appropriate state securities regulator.


The external manager is participating in a competitive bidding process, such as a request for proposals, or has been selected through that process and is providing services pursuant to a contract executed as a result of that competitive bidding process.


The external manager, if selected through a competitive bidding process described in subparagraph (B), has agreed to a fiduciary standard of care, as defined by the standards of conduct applicable to the retirement board of a public pension or retirement system and set forth in Section 17 of Article XVI of the California Constitution, when managing a portfolio of assets of a public retirement system in California.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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