CA Gov't Code Section 75072

If, during the life of a judge who has elected to receive an optional settlement in lieu of a retirement allowance for his or her life alone, or during the life of a beneficiary under an optional settlement upon whose life contingency the optional settlement elected depends, the compensation payable to the judge holding the judicial office to which the retired judge was last appointed or elected by the people prior to his or her retirement is increased, the amounts payable to the retired judge or to his or her beneficiary, or both, shall be recomputed and increased to be the actuarial equivalent of the increased amount of the retirement allowance to which the retired judge would be entitled if he or she had not elected an optional settlement. However, this section does not give any retired judge or his or her beneficiary any claim against the state for any increase in retirement allowance or other benefit for time prior to the increase in the compensation of the incumbent judge.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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